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I Am Not Offended

March 18, 2021

By anything except

That the bulk

Of humanity

Does not use its

Gaia given talents

To balance the use of

Gaia given resources

Where the earth

Is like a body

It is a self

Correcting system

As long as it

Doesn’t receive

Too many

Toxins at once

Knowing both can

Heal their selves

From within by an

Unstoppable fire

(Force) burning inside


Unfortunately it appears

It is receiving too much

Poisons all the time by the

Very hands it created

Hands attached to

Greedy minds

Satiating gluttony

Based on fear

Artificially manufactured

“Give it to me it’s mine” **

Prevalent perception

Slimming survivability

Chances to chance


What is more offensive than that?


** George Carlin


“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”


– Angelo Devlin

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