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Spare Change

March 16, 2021

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”


– Dr Wayne Dyer


When you


The way

You look




The things you





You are neither

The pavement underneath you

Nor the foot upon the gas

Or the windshield

Protecting you

From bugs and breezes


But rather

The center of your universe

For, from your

Vantage point

Goes inward and outward*



A little something I picked up

From Caroline Myss’s

“Energy Anatomy”


Which makes sense

At least metaphorically

Especially when you

Orbit around other


AKA (people)


Sometimes they mesh

And are harmonious

With some exceptions

Of ideas and concepts

That are out of this world


Some just clash like

Two worlds colliding *

Each with large

Invisible black holes

Having gravitational pulls

Drawing them together



“When two worlds collide

The anger, the pain

Of those who remain

When two worlds collide

When two worlds collide

So who will survive

There’s no place to hide

When two worlds collide”


Iron Maiden

When Two Worlds Collide”


What any of this has to do with

“Spare Change” is beyond me

Guess it was just a catchy title


Thanks for reading

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