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The Words Of God

March 24, 2021

All words are the words of God

Each and every never any

First or last one of them

I being the one closest to God

Not me personally rather just I

Being the shortest with capacities

Beyond rational definitions as

Such there are eight billion

Interpretations and perceptions

With no dictionary large enough

To render a useful description

For each word is a derivative

Of all the words already existing

As the never ending never beginning

Words of God occur eternally

Merely change in range of

Context content and interpretation

Language dialect pronunciation

Intention inflection audible reception

Spelling definition misunderstanding

Clarification through repetition

Utilizing more words to refine

Or confuse narrow or widen


“In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God.”


John 1:1


Good and evil

Right and wrong

Left and right

Up and down

Heal and kill

Inspire and degrade

Love and hate

Tolerate and despise

Heaven and hell

Cause and effect

Peace and war


All words of God


Do you use the ones

Written on your heart or

Programmed in your brain?

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