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March 29, 2021

Sometimes I wish

I did not recognize

That I am but a cog

In a very very large

Gargantuan never

Ending or beginning

Infinitely existing

Spiritual wheel that

While replaceable

Will just find myself

Elsewhere in different

Gears performing an

Allegedly necessary

Integral part of the

Whole functioning


On two accounts it

Would be so easy to

Either latch on to a

Grandiose notion of

All that I do is good

See things clearly in

Scope that my way

Is righteous and right

And am separate

From the collective

Or on the other hand

Strive for that illusion

By verbalizing thoughts

Projected towards

Other beings as less

Than being equally

Important cogs in

Said spiritual wheel


With the unlikely help

From different sources

Is how I’ve recognized

That cog perspective


My family plus

George Carlin

Bill Hicks

Doug Stanhope

Iron Maiden



Pink Floyd

Jack Canfield

Ayn Rand

Shirley McLain

Helen Wambach

Carolyn Myss

Art Bell

Bruce Williams

Howard Stern

Robin Quivers

Fred Norris

The Matrix

Star Wars

Groundhog Day


I could extend the list

But one can get the idea

From the core influences


Either through

Wisdom nuggets

Classic bits

Clever lyrics

Poignant paragraphs

Auditory Au (gold)

Casual repetition

Of known truths

Moving images

Laid out plainly and

Bare to decipher

For myself without



Force or

Invisible forces

Group gatherings

Weakly meetings etc.


I guess that makes me



Thanks for being here

In the wheel with me

From → Bible, random

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