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A Perspective

April 5, 2021



When you see things

In a different light


Recently “had” to

Pick up a package

At the facility of

One of those

Behemoth carriers

Of small packages


First it was amazing

To watch the “sort”

Down a conveyor belt

Out of a large trailer

Into the many waiting

Hands of the sorters

Into the many many

Burgeoning route trucks


Beyond its initial

Appearance of being

What it was it looked

Like a scene out of

A Las Vegas movie

In the back room

Counting the money


Upon later reflection

It was more like a scene

In a drug distribution

Operation of moving

Profitable product in

Again a closed room


If either were true

Society’a “authority”

Would be called in

To cease both “crimes”


One to keep the “drug”

(Buying stuff to feel good)

Out of the “addicted’s”

Hand and head “vice”


The other to arrest

The gross profiteers

Profiting off of a

Scourge to community’s

Health and well being


If in one hour they moved

A thousand packages

Averaging $15 a package

That is $15.K an hour

Just going to the middleman

Distributor corporation


The “problem” is unfortunately

Not the problem it is how this

Society operates as a whole

Beyond commoditized necessities

Buying stuff from people who

Make stuff so they to have

Money to buy more stuff too


Meanwhile not all the people

Have rooves over their heads

Or adequate food in their bellies *


I would not be a very good

Observationalist if I did not

Recognize that I too

Contributed to this

Planetary crime

Being there to pick-up

A package as well


Only to find out

It didn’t work and

Didn’t need it

In the first place

Only to turn up missing

Unable to return it


Side note:


This was occurring at

One company in a small

City in a sparsely

Populated state

To which when I first

Arrived at 4:00 o’clock

In the morning mistook

Me as an applicant

Looking for a job


Whisked me immediately

To a room to fill out

An application like they

Would have hired me

On the spot to start now


“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”


– Angelo Devlin


When you’re stepping over a homeless guy on the sidewalk…


Does it ever occur to you to think


“Wow – maybe our system doesn’t work?!”


– Bill Hicks

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