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Archetypal Existence

March 30, 2021

Life seems to be the

Manifesting maintaining

Marketing and manipulation

Of various archetypes


Created when a need arises

Structuring to control behavior

Modifying to adapt to currents

Sold as beneficial for purchase


One can be relatively sure that

Millions of years ago when

Life forms were forming

Out of the primordial ooze


There were no Kings or Queens

Doctors lawyers or politicians

Bank robbers or drug addicts

Slaves or slave owners (CEO’S)


Just slimy single cell amoebas

Searching for food and light

Splitting reproducing evolving

Mutating to survive elements


In balance with nature always .

What lives dies decays reforms

Regroups regenerates relives

Towards a higher intelligence


Why just because it can why not

Slithering crawling breathing air

Converting dioxide into monoxide

Trading with trees mutual benefit


Growing opposable thumbs standing

Inventing tools and weapons to eat

Still finding balance honoring sacrifice

Knowing all part of the chain of life


Archetyping tribes for survival

Growth family similar sapiens

Painting stories on caves or

Carcass coverings to convey


Info to subsequent generations

Stir imaginations learn remember

Understand share adapt repeat

Hunt gather eat grunt together


Where evolution probably took

A grinding halt was when tribes

Encountered “different” sapiens

When were first mistook as food


Once past that embarrassing faux pas

The alpha male primitive took hold

As an originating archetype over

What seemed to be “foreign” beings


Till each burgeoning surviving group

All had to move around for food

Then finding the best locations with

Abundant resources to claim as “theirs”


Probably first with walls that what

It didn’t keep out kept in oooops

Then with flags then with pieces

Of paper than all three together


Establishing territorial archetypes

That all of a sudden shared land

Was no longer to be shared rather

Divided differently by “different” tribes


When logic of their bullshit ran aground

Invisible archetype deities were formed

Of all powerful invisible men who could

Create judge assist manipulate and kill


Which still continue today all because

Clever groups with imaginations over

Gullible simpletons transcribed info

Onto papyrus re-read modify and adapt


As the basis of social legal precedence

To establish authority archetypes that

Decides its own rule making ability to

Control the behavior of said simpletons


Distracted instead of searching within

For common Gaia bond that spawned

Each individual from the same nurturing

Source that knows no separation or hate


Which is not an archetype at all merely

The reality of what can be viewed from

A distance warmed and illuminated by

A burning sphere nurturing all of life


Of which the cessation of actually living

Is compartmentalized into archetypes

Structured regiments of learning eating

Working sleeping consuming dying


Followed by the subset archetypes of

Race religion gender / genderless roles

Gun owners / non gun owners pitted

Against each from their safe archetypes


Think of all of the archetype

Regimented structures you

Fall in to or line up with

Just because they are present


Parent, worker, epidermis hue beliefs

Geographical birth language customs

Religion by region money by nation

Colorful rag waved songs you sing


Pride you take land ancestors took

Brands you buy sports you watch

Teams you claim metaphorically own

Beliefs indoctrinated into


All because you’ve nestled into

Comfortable “safe” to you archetypes

Mental structures of thought

Reactions taught life consumed


What is the alternative

Teaching what is known

To those who know better

Adhering to unnatural archetypes


While it is no easy task

To break free of or dismantle

Established archetypes you can

At least question and understand


“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”


– Angelo Devlin

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