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May 27, 2021

There are no beliefs
Only perceptions
People cling to

People’s beliefs are about
As concrete as the cloud
They just busted of a
Seahorse riding a unicorn

So if you feel like arguing
For yours or against others
Just know what they are
Based on, lighter than air mist
Trapped under the atmosphere
Wild imaginations attached
To perception retention centers
With a scattered yet convenient
Recall if it serves a purpose
Or none at all, other than
To justify a concept
That makes you feel
All warm and fuzzy or
Irate and murderous
Never really in-between
Lasting as long as the unicorn ride
Which viewed at the same time
From any different subjective angle
May appear as an upside-down tree
Suspended from a draw bridge
Knowing how ethereal their
Sagacious opinions are, some
If not many bipedal earthling
Artists, perceive they have
Harnessed the Seahorse and
Corralled it in their cranium
Especially after they
Have gathered into groups
As something that is going
To last beyond this moment
Once their vehicle dissappears
Not using moment lightly
Since infinity lasts infinitely
Makes one’s 0 to 120 trips
Around the sun both momentous
And momentarines
At least, that is my perception
“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”
– Angelo Devlin

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