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June 6, 2021

If x amount of people believe
That their candidate “won”
The last election in 2020
But due to fraud and or democrats
Had it “stolen” from him / them due
To prearranged conspiracy theories
How come no-one is considering
If the “they’s” were crafty enough
Once, they could do it again, noooo
The red flags are already flying
“45” (Don needs no extra publicity)
2024 “The Revenge Tour”
Since when did a position
Of public service turn into
A perceived need for revenge
Especially since many followers
Allege themselves to be……..
“Christ”-ians followers of…..Christ
Not knowing much of the fellow
Everything I’ve gleaned is that he
Is / was a teacher, a Master of Wisdom
Who was sent to humanity to teach
Influence, guide, show by example
What he is best known for……….
If the only reason he is coming back
Is to teach a refresher course that’s sad
One lesson lost after two thousand years
And absolutely no practice or application
Seems a very very simple lesson to me
Forgive ….move on….and evolve so that
That Jesus fellow can lead a graduation
Ceremony so we can implement other
Lessons like feeding the hungry
Helping the poor healing the sick
You know……stuff…..Christ…would do
Nope these people must be following
A different Jesus then the one written about
Not really leadership, rather just how to point
Fingers, place blame, shirk responsibilities
Be vengeful, petty, you know….conservative
Caucasian, gun toting, registered republicans
I guess in this post intelligence era
Some people can resign themselves
To the notion that their beliefs are their
“Their” God based beliefs and not of a
Benevolent power that connects everyone
“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”
– Angelo Devlin

From → Bible, Paradox, random

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