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On Your Honor

June 21, 2021

If society continues to honor
People who kill people
It will only continually get
More people to continuously
Kill even more and more people
Oddly enough the secondary
Definition of honor is privilege
So in that context it is placed
More exactly what it means
If society continues to (privilege)
People who kill people etcetera
There is the contextual kicker
Now isn’t it, especially for who
Society is blanket “honoring”
According to the “Rule of law” and
Biblical BS “Thou shalt not kill”
It is “Illegal” to kill someone
Unless (of course) the “state” decides
Or deeply indoctrinated religious beliefs
Who it is…… legal to kill…..not only on
“Their” say-so but rather their command
It is a depressing dichotomy to digest
How did we get to this point?
As George Carlin might have said…
We made the whole fucking thing up
As it seems to be un-progressively
Recurring theme Infiltrating our
Collective psyche of “honoring”
………..people… who kill people
In both ear and eye pollution
Subtle and subconscious mantras
Collapsed into cute clichés
Thank a vet
Honor the military
Blue lives matter
Honor law enforcement
No one is suggesting that those persons
Should not be respected as individuals
It is when they are uniformed up and
Being paid by the taxpayers who will
Do nearly anything to save a fetus, yet
Will patiently wait 17 plus years or so
To use same said out of the womb
Bipedal earthling artists as target practice
For being a human being on the planet
With an energy source (oil, lanthanum)
Under their feet that corporations want
On the cheap therefore hire the military
To secure its easy access by clearing the
Area of resident civilians who have every
Right to resist their land being occupied
Under the guise of freedom and democracy
Likewise the bravado justification if that
Out of the womb grown fetus decides to
Enter a property uninvited to remove
Other property it might just find itself
With fatal entrance and exit wounds
“We do not serve or protect you
We are very blatantly a private military
Carrying out only the will of your
Capitalist ruling class
Fuck you and fuck poor people”
Author “Unknown”
It is the only industry,  yes industry
Where those in its employ are given
Qualified Immunity to legally kill people
That would be like in health care if
The doctor knew a patient was going
To die soon could expedite the process
Utilizing the qualified immunity defense
On a lighter note, delivery drivers could
Use the same justification for speeding
Saying someone somewhere needed a
Package immediately therefore excessive
Speed would be a necessary action
Question who or what it is you honor
Does it impede or enhance
Our divine evolution if not
Honor what does
Honor thyself

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One Comment
  1. Lily permalink

    I thank my vet (veterinarian) every day!
    Brilliant post again. I imagine there are many naive people who sign for the military imagining they get to do and be part of something honourable. No doubt it is why the rate of suicide of vets is so high. The cognitive dissonance between belief and reality must be brutal.

    Liked by 1 person

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