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A Not So Cerebral Celebration

June 24, 2021

Coming up soon
Beginning of July
Marking 245 years
Most things do not
Live that long
With good reason
They have lived
Their intended
Purpose at the time
Society is going to keep
Its dead and decaying
Corpse on life support
If it kills the whole family
The staff in constant
Exhausted code blue
Like Darth Vader or the
Tin man the heart is gone
Just running as a machine
Underneath an empty shell
Of what could have been
Had not power corrupted
Blindly marking its birthday
With tiny explosives bought
From a country some fear
While throwing away money
Into its burgeoning economy
To distract itself for three days
Ignoring the cold corpse
Plugged in and propped up
For a weekend at Bernie’s
Ought society not
Grieve its passing
Then move on
To ignite a new revolution
Birth a more enlightened
Planetary Constitution
Since awareness has
Proved us not separate from
Our siblings on a sphere
What a strange way to vent
About the distaste for
Fireworks and their folley
“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”
– Angelo Devlin

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