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Actually Factual

July 3, 2021

What is actually factual?
Drum roll please………..
A :  Nothing
If, as we are told
Or led to believe or
Read in a book somewhere
That everything is
Made up of atoms
With protons and neutrons
Encircling a nucleus
That those atoms are
The building blocks
Of matter or air
(Visible and invisible)
Not to mention that those
Are made up of subatomic
Particles, quarks and neutrinos
Yet come together consistently
In definite recognizable patterns
Noticeable in observations or
When knocking on wood
Warmed and illuminated by
Nuclear explosions billions
Of times millions of miles away
Light illuminating our perceptions
Hint (the “wood” isn’t really there)
Likewise understanding how a
Camera lens works the image is
Inverted working like your eyes
Making everything you see……
Upside down………sleep tight
In dreamland where your
Opinions are always right
Your beliefs are concrete
Facts are known to you
Because, well, just because
Knowing all that without proof
Of UFO’s or an afterlife
How you got here or
Where you are going
One must contemplate
Why are so many people
Willing to hang their hat on
A political ideology or a
Religious indoctrination
If in its base form is still
Just whizzing around at
Improbable impossible speeds
Alternating back and forth
Between waves and particles
Depending on when it is
Coincidentally observed
When broken down to the
Basis making it up is when
You realize it is all “made-up”
“And That’s the Truth”


– Lily Tomlin

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