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Out Of This World

July 4, 2021

An out of this world
With someone who mentioned
They worked for NASA
Hmmm, cool
I’ve got questions
Not that they were
A rocket scientist
Rather a logistics supervisor
Working remotely
Due to # 19 or something
Always looking for insight
Close to the source
I inquired about Mars
After listening to the CYA* procedures
*(Cover Your Ass) due to Challenger
“Mishap” of deep paperwork trails
All of which made sense
I wanted to know their thoughts
On the actual plausibility of
Getting to Mars as that sounded
Like it was in their purview
I are just a truck driver so in my
Peripheral perceptions and
Limited knowledge of
Space travel and exploration
It is my best understanding that
With the current technology it takes
About nine months to get there
Give or take planetary alignments
I pushed forth my thought
That there must be a plan NASA is
Working on for cryogenic hibernation to
Safely get astronauts and passengers there
This person was not aware of that or
How long it would take to get there
That is fair as I have no clue what plans
The multinational corporation that
Pays me to sit on butt and listen to
The radio, audio books or silence
Has in store, other than to point me
In a direction, do my job and return safely
Pressing my luck I asked
Well, how long do you think it will take
To make the one way trip to get there
Establishing a survivable camp
Setting up a base for colonization?
(A):…….”bout two years
Two….two…..2 #&%$ing years
(I kept that part to myself)
Hmmmmm interesting at that pace
How will they get there?
(A): Well, they’ll just “go” there
Allrighty then… acknowledging it is
A one way trip as there would be
No spaceship waiting with fuel
To bring them back in case they
Forgot a toothbrush or deodorant
The human condition
Is riddled with delusional escapism
Leaving no room at all
To attain actual blissful happiness
Where this should have stopped……
Mars…. the quasi-rational equivalent
Of buying a dream filled lottery ticket
To keep at bay the hum drum daily
Routine of eating pooping working
Sleeping bathing consuming while
Trying to keep up with the Joneses
When all that energy and money
Could be spent putting this house
(Planet) in order and healthy balance
To where we are not raping the land
Overfishing the oceans & slaughtering
Most of the quadrupeds for food
Keeping the “cute” ones for pets
I knew I should have stopped as
That last concept of taking care
Of our whole Gaia consciousness
Is ……….out if this world
“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”
– Angelo Devlin

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