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Happy WTF

July 6, 2021

Celebrating the birth of a nation
Who perceptual abandoned their
“Tyrannical” oppressors to start
Their own brand of tyranny
By forcing indigenous cultures
(Mmmmm, they were here first)
Westward through endless
Broken treaties and better weapons
To declare all men are created equal
If of course you were a white (pink)
Land holding slave owner and
Wanted religious freedom as long
As everybody prayed to the
Same God as you did
Keeping the ladies as second class
Citizens, practically property as well
Unable to vote for 143 years
Quick light the fireworks
Where oh where is my sparkler
Isn’t it about time we relabel it
For what it is, the mid year
Three day drink and consume fest
To distract simple proletariats
Who believe* they are celebrating
Freedom hoping next year they
Will still have ten fingers to
Do be free to do it all over again
* was going to use the word think
However that process need not apply
If it did, none of this nonsense
Would perpetuate ad nauseam
Oh wait, then the collective would
Actually be “free”……….nevermind
We have an economy to worry about
Where would I be without my 10 fingers
“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”
– Angelo Devlin


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