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Unassign The Bogeyman

July 26, 2021

Fear not the bogeyman
Not under your bed
Purge instead the one
Floating in your head
Reiterated with a phonetic flair
Tinged with enough verbal twang
Saturated with stifling stink
And voila you have your bogeyman
Pick any word ending with ist
To create a bogeyman
Faux news consumers have
Locked on to Socialists as
Their phantom of choice
Something to be feared
Psyching up the courage
To battle an unseen specter
Conjured up from ignorance
Socialist- one who advocates
2b: a system or condition of society.             in which the means of production are  owned and controlled by the state.

Just because their name isn’t on it
Doesn’t mean they don’t control it
Or that they are not “socialist” programs
Uninsured Motorist
Workman’s compensation
Social “Security”
Military Industrial Complex
There in LIE the discrepancies
People believing they are free
While being enslaved by banks
Pharmaceuticals, tax bills and…
Corporations making the same
Products slightly faster and
Just a little bit shinier chaining
The consumer on the endless
Keep up with the “Joneses” treadmill
Which from a different angle
“Capitalistⁿ can be a bogeyman also
Pronounced with a hard K
Delivered with an upturned nose
Surrounded by words like greedy
Stingy filthy rich money bags fat cat
Where as if we evolved
In to a Meritocracy
All the best people
Would rise into the
Most necessary positions
Without a power grab
Rooted in fear or control
There are no meritocratists to fear
It would be too hard to pronounce
To scare anybody anyway
“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”
– Angelo Devlin

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