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Everything In The Room

July 27, 2021

Had a medical / health purpose
Everything except for Jesus
Depicted hanging on the cross
The only other decor was a clock
Even that served a purpose if say
You were waiting for medication
Monitors glove boxes sanitizer
Oxygen supply emergency outlets
Communication boards and charts
Needle and biohazard disposal
IV holders and pump regulators
Heart and vital organ monitors
Privacy curtain and safety bed
“Even your religious friends do not wanna hear about God during a medical diagnosis. It’s the last word you ever wanna hear from a doctor.

“You know, doc, my fucking lymph nodes are swollen out of my neck. I look like a bullfrog. I’m shitting blood with clumps in it. I can’t keep food down.”
“Ooh, sounds like someone needs a higher power.”
“Can’t we do some blood work first, series of antibiotics, get a cat scan?” “No, get on your knees and pray.”

– Doug Stanhope
So why then in a room built and supplied
On science and technology would there
Be a caricature of a deity from a book
That has been rewritten and revised
For millennia steeped in fear and control
Not to mention out of all the stories
Why use the dead Jesus why not one
Where he is laying on healing hands
Perhaps the open arm come to Jesus
Depiction would be a too dark of one
Suggesting not surviving what they are
In the hospital in the first place for
Not to mention it is a tad arrogant
To assume that is the patient’s belief
Indoctrination based on local customs

If you are going for made up mythologies

Where’s Buddha and Mohammad
Buddha would be laughing and
“They” say that is the best medicine
As long as non-medical stuff is being
Hung on the wall, why not the $$ sign
It is the belief in that which is how all
That other stuff is getting paid for anyway
“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”
– Angelo Devlin

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