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Compelling Evidence

August 2, 2021

By those left alive to testify
What it is like to be attacked
Unprovoked by terrorists
Oh wait ……”tourists” carrying
Caches of crude weapons
Attempting to implement
Their will of ignorance
Because they are sore losers
Chasing a different form of power
Since they don’t recognize their own
When on the other hand
If we were to open our eyes
Real wide I mean really wide
We would see a glimpse of
What it might be like to be
A Sovereign citizen on / in a
Sovereign country with energy
Resources under their feet
That imperialistic countries
Due to their perceived weakness
Feel righteous and compelled
To steal at the indiscriminate
Death of fellow space travelers
Under the glorious guise of
Democracy and capitalism
As long as I’m getting sidetracked
Not really a betting person
Yet would be willing to bet
Dollars to donuts
To test a theory that if
Instead of missiles and bombs
We sent over sandwiches
Technology to clean water
(You know, things humans need)
They would probably share
The resources any way
“It was pretty amazing, you’ve got to admit, watching a missile fly down an air vent. Pretty unbelievable. But couldn’t we feasibly use that same technology to shoot food at hungry people?
You know what I mean? Fly over Ethiopia,  there’s a guy that needs a banana….
Stealth Banana. ……… Smart Fruit…..”
– Bill Hicks
– “The War” (first gulf war)
– “Flying Saucer Tour”

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