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Thought Forms

August 25, 2021

From seemingly
Out of nowhere
To be now here

Like sandcastles
On the beach
With no one around

You just pictured a
Sandcastle on the beach
With no one around

Wishing you had built it
Then realizing you are
The one that just did

Walking away with the
Satisfaction that it only
Took a second of your time

Feeling the warm sun
Hearing gentle wave splashes
Mixed with a cool breeze

Sauntering off slowly
To remember where you parked
Your VW convertible

Distracted by the wafting scent
Of the best coffee ever, ever
Your mission has changed

To the table under an umbrella
You grin at the wait staff and
Before you sit your coffee is waiting

To contemplate how thoughts form
What they would be like if there
Were no words to attach them to

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One Comment
  1. sage permalink


    Love this. Truly wise and transformative

    Liked by 1 person

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