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On The Line

August 24, 2021

Lives or privileged arrogance?

The following is one of those
Why people think they hate truck driver stories

On the last leg of an easy P & D day

(Pick-up and delivery)
(Which should technically be called
D & P because if you do not make
Deliveries there is no room for pick-ups)

On a wide sweeping turn just a mile
Or so before the terminal / truck dock
Observed two bicyclists riding
In the same direction as I was

I was using the SMITH system

A driver’s mental guide book so to speak

1. Aim high in steering
2. Get the big picture
3. Keep your eyes moving
4. Leave yourself an out
5. Make sure they see you

There are sub explanations for each one
However very useful safe guidelines

Having already seen the bicyclists, I also observed oncoming cars, that at the pace everyone was traveling would coincide with me going by the bicyclists as the oncoming cars would pass. Quite the quagmire.

Gave a gentle quick fart like toot of the air horn to make them aware of the tractor and two trailers presence. To no / know avail .

Maybe they had headphones on, enjoying their ride, ignoring their lives, so gave another courtesy toot, thinking they would scooch over a little bit into the shoulder lane. Nope.

They were following that white line like a Hansel and Gretal trail of bread crumbs.
Fearing if they got off of it, they would both be lost.

While making it safely pass (probably due to sucking in my stomach ,squeezing my shoulders inward and tightening my sphincter), the thanks I received was that of angry glares and the flipping of the bird .

I am not one of those drivers who thinks it is okay to share the road if you share the sidewalk, but geez, pay attention.

After all there would be less trucks on the road if people bought less bikes, they do not magically appear at the bike shop. Or do they?

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”
– Angelo Devlin

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