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Stand-up Or Maybe Don’t

August 31, 2021

Whatever it is one thinks they stand for
There is a metaphorical equivalent of
How blatantly they are so hypocritical
They would curl up in a fetal position
Whimpering for forgiveness to their own
Soul for such dichotomous doings

Instead, they defend their stance with
Bravado & volume that there is
Absolutely no comparison as if
Arrogance, tone and repetition can protect
Unrealized obvious blatant hypocrisy

The one that prompted this post
Is that of a meme floating on the web
Of a picture of the back of a t-shirt
Worn by a muscle bound dude

That reads,

Stomp My Flag / I’ll Stomp Your Ass

With a flag in between. Hmmmmm.

Sending Mixed Messages

Stomp my flag

Let’s glance at the Constitution


The flag should never be used as wearing apparel. 


That’s easy, the fun part would be going up to him, tearing off the back collar, where the tagless tag probably reads…. Made in China

To inquire kindly why he is disguising / fooling himself as a “patriot” when clearly he is a communist sympathizer, sending his money overseas in a money / t-shirt laundering operation.

I’ll stomp your ass.

Not sure about that dude, but many people wearing similar messaged t-shirts profes to allegedly be “Christians”

(Have not read the Bible, for reasons of not being able to suspend disbelief long enough to grasp the perceived notion that it is a book of “truth”)

Am listening to it though, in short spurts, over a long period of time for what it was written for in the first place……entertainment value.

Perhaps the reference is in the “Book” of “Dichotomy”. That I have not gotten to yet.

Dichotomy 13: 9-11

9. And Jesus spake. Anyone who useth thy temple as den of thieves. 10. I will taunt not only into an unnecessary confrontation 11. I will stomp your ass. 12 blah blah blah blah blah.

Nevermind, with vague made up research there is no book of Dichotomy, must be one of those book / passages that got edited out by the king at the time of its writing who didn’t want the masses to think that the Prince of Peace spoke that way as it contradicts the other message of “Love thy neighbor” JC

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”
– Angelo Devlin

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One Comment
  1. patriotism kills - thou shalt not kill permalink

    I always wonder if they want you to stomp the flag that is on their t-shirt. Like give them a good kick in the ribs or spine. Like really it’s just a narcissistic equation of making themselves the flag.

    Liked by 1 person

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