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Playing With My Food

September 13, 2021

At the Dashboard Diner
A little warm meal surprise
Playing Hot Pocket roulette

It is almost noon will it be

Breakfast ham, egg and cheese
Lunch ham and cheese or
Dinner pepperoni pizza

Defroster is on high
Myself and my meal
Are getting cooked

Spin Thdbdbdbdbdb

Come on lunch

HF it is hot in here

Click .click….click……click

Pulling the wrapper sl.o…w….l…….y

Oh boy, pepperoni pizza.

I guess next time I dump a box of highly preserved frozen doughy concoctions filled with alleged meat, artificial cheese and make believe eggs into the freezer to save room. I will scribble with a permanent marker what it is going to be, so am not playing with my food.

“I’ve never eaten a Hot Pocket and then afterwards been, ‘I’m glad I ate that.’

I’m always like, ‘I’m gonna die. I paid for that? Did I eat it or rub it on my face?

My back hurts!'”

– Jim Gaffigan

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