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September 12, 2021

(I’m going to hell, for this one)

Is a lot like masterbating

Or winning the lottery

One can conjure up the

Most fantastical images

Of their desired outcome

A world of peace and love

A mind blowing orgasm or

A new house, car and travel

Until one puts their hands

On what it will take to

Accomplish those desires

They’ll come up empty handed

Might as well close this out with Doug

Dated but relevant

“Does anyone get upset that George Bush keeps quoting the Bible in all his f****** speeches?

Does that get on anyone’s last nerve?

Does it ever occur to them him, it’s all those stupid f****** religions that start all this s*** in the first place?

National Day of Prayer, F*** you. You think you’re doing something….. you’re not. You can sit at home and cry jinx and keep your fingers crossed too. It does as much good.

You want to pray,  pray all day. Pray on your own time. You wanna help?  Grab a shovel, and start digging there pinwheel,  because it looks like your god, takes Tuesdays (September 11, 2001) off.”

– Doug Stanhope

From → Bible, dark, Paradox, Quotes, WMD's

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