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No Proof

September 29, 2021

Of anything exists anywhere

Therefore it all comes down to belief
Which is based on even less then proof

Otherwise there would not be people
Who identify as “flat earthers”…right

To “prove” my point can only use words
That will interact from this screen
To many screens or no screens at all
Through eyes into minds to cogitate
Over the proof less proof so to speak

Technically speaking I have no idea
If the earth is spherical or flat, however
Thrice I jumped out of a perfectly
Good airplane, where the Jump Master
Advised me to look at the horizon
To see the curvature of the earth
Upon seeing this looked all around
To observe that it was indeed round

Yet question the power of suggestion
Is 12,500 ft above sea level …..proof
Knowing my eyes have deceived before
Through mirages and imaginations
Vividly poor recollection and mind tricks

I assume that there must be enough of a collective rationale to accept the premise.
That, seems to be at the core of how the human mind operates……tricky.

Hearing or reading words describing near impossible plausibiliies, such as a flat earth. Clinging to them desperately to satiate a smug sense of self-satisfaction of control, when in reality there is no proof.

Except that you read it somewhere with attached flat pictures of a circular earth, or you heard it from someone you thought you trusted. Other than that, where’s the proof?

When you could look and feel deep within side yourself, the part that is connected and interconnected to everyone and all that is. To still not have proof, yet a tiny grasp of a wee bit of understanding how most perceived celestial objects, planets, moon, stars, black holes are spherical.

Therefore making the concept of arguing, counter arguing, over the shape of the earth, a dopey distraction. Impeding our evolution toward the enlightenment of all divine beings.
Which might be a worthy purpose, even without………proof.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

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    So beautiful

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