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The Unthinkable

October 12, 2021

Usually happens by

The un-think-able

Having know awareness

By having no aware-ness

Making no connection to

Their known connections

Of what they say compared

To what they actually do

Such as wanting the gov’t

Not to have a say in their

Child’s lives regarding school

Masks and vaccine mandates

But don’t seem to mind warm

Comfortable class rooms

Providing at least one meal with

Underpaid teachers dutifully

Guiding their young-uns to

Barely read and write in-between

Competing with digital electronics

That have their rapt attention

Even before they leave the house

Or having crossing “guards” in

Reduced speed school zones

Oh yeah, protecting their young-uns

This was inspired by the Howard Stern show, playing bits and clips of alleged parents, ranting and raving at school board meetings.

Carrying on with various conspiracy theories, that the government and Hollywood are in cahoots to bring harm to children.

Quickly veering off the mask and vaccine topic, (since that is no fun) to unsubstantiated claims that 800,000 children are whisked away into human trafficking. Which, with minimal research is 700% off.

Still bad, but if that information (800,000) was actually believed by the parent, making a goofy name for themselves.

They would be, should be home guarding their child, homeschooling them, not indoctrinating them to live in fear, without wearing a mask.

Keeping all screens off, and away from detrimental influences. Oh wait, that is, the parents.

Near the bottom of my list of reasons for not reproducing any mini-me versions of me, was fear that a mini-me would be abducted and trafficked.

So I did what any responsible adult would do. Leave that soul safely in the spirit realm where no earthly earthling harm could come to them.

Which is exactly what Jesus did. And out of all of the insane projections transgressed upon the transformation of a spiritual teacher, from a healer and forgiver to a xenophobic misogynist. A breeder was not one of them.

If all the alleged Christians were more Christ like, they too would not have had any children to be abducted……..or wear masks.

That, for some reason, is unthinkable.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

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  1. following Christ permalink

    Love love this one so much!!! You are willing to say, have the cojones to say what the rest of us us wish we were smart enough to think of

    Liked by 1 person

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