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The Chain, The Page And The Clock

October 16, 2021

The Chain

Of communication is
Broken at every link
Needing to be forged
By the heat process of
Linking the information
From its intention to
An audience of one or
A multitude of minds
Each bringing their own
Perceptions saturated by
Heady indoctrinations or
Emotional attachments
None of which will match
The originating first link
Regardless of how well
It is taut or not taught

The Page

If it is not the broken chain,
Then it is trying to get
Everyone on the same page
When no one has
The same book
Let alone be in
The the right chapter
In a known language
That has both daft and
Definitive definitions
Gleaned from both
Content and context

The Clock

Any communication
Successful or otherwise
Is an outright outlier miracle
Inasmuch as everything is
Happening all at once then
Interpreted linearly to make
Sense of it literally or actually
Deciphering metaphorically
Rarely with any consistency
In a timely fashion
Where vocal transmitters
Broadcast instantly to
Audio receivers when not
Interrupted by competing
Voices in the brain

Ever have that experience when you hear somebody tell you something and though you believe you heard them with 100% accuracy, you discover you had no idea what they meant or said?


You speak clearly, perhaps even having rehearsed what you just said, in a way thay you know is enunciated properly, that will convey an outcome that is understood by all, so you can move on to the next subject? And they…. have no idea what they meant or said?

Yeah, me too except that it happens all of the time. That’s what inspired this. Hope these words in print make sense.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

“Or hearing and speaking aides.”

– Angelo Devlin

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One Comment
  1. life permalink

    A L L. the time!

    It’s why animals and plants are easier to relate to. Stupid words.

    Liked by 1 person

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