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A Sound Miracle

October 25, 2021


The miracle of sound

Sometimes even

Soundless sounds

For starters and

For instance

You are reading this

“Printed” from my “voice”

Yet are “hearing” it

In your “voice”

(Which, reaches deep in the bag of the whole communications thingy. How can something rattling around in my head, possibly convey a clear message to yours?)

Makes me wonder

How it sounds

Alas, I will never know

Back to contemplating

A sound miracle


2. an extremely outstanding or  unusual event, thing, or accomplishment

Miracle:  as my definition would be:

$#!* you can’t explain

Think about it…. next time you speak out loud. (… to assume, you are not reading this aloud now……are you? What would people surrounding you think?)

Any utterance at all will do, say miracle. Hear it. That “miracle”, just emanated from your voice box…in your throat, which in school, all I learned is that a thin fleshy like membrane vibrated to produce that sound.

Wow, cool, that explains everything. How about what transpired to get that, transmitted from one’s cranium to that voice box to emit anything close to what one heard in their head first. Huh, where’s that explanation?

Here is the other sound miracle, closer to the cranium.  Ears, wowwy. I’m supposed to believe that some hammer, anvil and stirrup, are whirring away,  taking audible emanations from any source, (apparently beating them into my head) then changing it to information to be processed instantly.  Cool man.

What receptors and devices are operating when these words are being contemplated and spoken silently, yet internally am able to “hear” them…..huh. I want answers….please.

After all, while reading this to yourself, if you whisper it, or scream it, it is the same volume.

The mechanical earthling made equivalents are equally miraculous. Ever see a speaker? 

It used to be made out of thick paper material, with two wires attached to it surrounded by foamy stuff, with a magnet behind it to draw it back from whatever those two wires were doing, produced by a low voltage current.

Now reduce that to something so small it fits inside of your ear, to produce even grander sounds. Miraculous #&@%!#* miraculous.

Then there is the microphone, which behaves like the ear yet, as far as I know does not contain any hammer anvil or stirrups. Still, it takes in sound waves to record or broadcast louder through…..speakers. Amazing

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

“The real problem is, most of us are idiots! We just like to think that we’re not idiots because we use a bunch of shit that smart people have figured out. But how many of us understand any of that shit?

Think about the technological level the world operates on, how many of us really understand that?

What if everybody out there died, and we had to take over the world? How well would you think we’d do? [Crowd starts cheering] “Yeah, terrific! We would do awesome!”

Yeah, does anybody really know how any of this shit works? [Taps microphone] Why’s that loud, any idea? I’ve been a comedian for sixteen fucking years, I have no idea what’s in there! I don’t know, some loud shit?”

– Joe Rogan

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