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November 3, 2021

Perceptions of freedom
Are incongruous with
The human condition
Because no matter what
Anyone thinks of being free
They are still trapped
In a body that is not theirs and
Will disintegrate when finished

Which is when you are truly free
Free to choose to be trapped
In another body to experience
Perceptions of freedom
In an infinite cycle of being
Free then not really free

Something to keep in mind
As the media circus is
In cahoots with corporations
Ramping up big time to
Sell you useless stuff
At a veteran’s day(s) sale
Available to everyone

How convenient….by people
Celebrated for killing
Other people to allegedly
“Protect” your freedom
When they actually engaged
In freeing other people
From their human traps


Three days only 10% off
Everything in limited stock

(How can anyone save any money on any product when the price is so jacked up to cover the cost of marketing and advertising.

Cast to a blanket audience through the hyperbole scarcity tactic, manufacturing greed in the proletariat Pavlovian purchaser.)

Is it too big of
An evolutionary step
To stop honoring
People who kill people
So more people will
Continue to kill more people
Because it is ingrained as
The honorale thing to do

Which, by the way, was not
Protecting anyone’s freedom

Just asking for a disabled
Homeless veteran whose
Government discarded him
After doing their dirty work

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

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