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A Weird Dialog Construct

November 24, 2021

“You know what I mean”


When I hear that, my head

Wants to head for the hills

Dragging my self with it

You know what I mean

After giving it the easiest

Response which is…..yeah.

To quickly satiate their ego

With a communication reward

“Yeah” or more positive “Yes”

That somehow they have

Expressed useless information

In a meaningful way that a

Fellow human being understands.

Meanwhile a fitting response

Would be …. I have no clue

For from that empty question

I am preoccupied with the

Awareness of the miracle

Of the supposed communication

In the first place, either by

A person standing near me

In a reasonable audio range

That they can open their mouth

Instantaneously convert

Thoughts into words that express

An idea or point they are making

From a membrane in the throat

Exiting moving lips having been

Manipulated in a moist mouth

By tongue teeth and breath then

Pass invisibly through the air

To be received into my ear

Where 2 sets of hammers

Anvils and stirrups are whirring away

Processing that sound into data

To go into my brain to respond

Yes, I know what you mean

To be kind and complimentary

Better still to consider when

That line is heard through a

Cellular and Bluetooth dialog

Miles and or hours apart

Most likely moving in

Different directions and speed

Then the miracle is being

Aware that the thoughts

From the brain to the throat

Are still occurring yet now

It is being transferred via

Bluetooth to a cellular device

Transmitted to a nearby tower

Then through the atmosphere

To a random roving satellite

Back down to a different tower

Connect to a cellular phone

Through a tiny Bluetooth device

To complete the whole voice

Brain throat tongue mouth ear

Information transfer thingy

Damn near instantaneously

And apparently invisibly

All the while someone concerns

Themselves whether or not if

I know what they mean.  Whew!!!

You know what I mean?


“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

Where this should have stopped.


Since all that happens

Instantly and invisibly

Don’t you think humans

Would have the capacity

If they had something

Important to say to someone

They could think the thought

Then transfer it to the recipient

Without the monthly cell service

You know what I mean?  Ooops.

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