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December 29, 2021


At best

At its best

Is still just

An opinion

Or tallying up

Of telling


Making best


As it means


Or is that

Just mean

I learned this years ago after Professor William Lutz wrote Double Speak .

Like using “Best” to sell vehicles

Ford or Chevy are the best
“In “their” class”
In a vague set of parameters
Undisclosed in the ad

But still…..each is the “best”

Basically the same material
In slightly different shapes
With “different” features

Let’s see

All have 4 tires and an
Engine that propels them
Either forward or reverse
Brakes to lessen speed
With somewhere between
Two & four doors and all…
With round steering wheels
From robotic automated
Assembly lines with humans
Maintaining the machines


Can’t get much better than that

At prices and payments higher
Than some houses and mortgages
All because someone got the
Best deal on the best vehicle
At the best price at the best time (now)
From the best dealer

Language makes us funny
Consumer creatures
Along with icons (stars)
‘Member those from
“Grade” school???
“Gold” foil ones
Were the “best”
Also made-up
Rating systems

Making the two best things
Individuality and intelligence
The first things that are thrown
Out of the classroom window

Even though the parents are sure
They have sent their children
Off to the best schools
With the best teachers
In the best neighborhoods

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

“Or the best ones if
I could only find them.”

– Angelo Devlin

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