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Empty Messages

December 28, 2021

To fill broken containers.

Plastered on trailer doors and plastic bumpers, posing as highway reading material.

Here is company “X”s” empty message.
Printed out over a picture of a wavy flag.

(Which I understand, according to US flag code….is unlawful to use in…… advertising.)

Ooopsie. How, ummm……. patriotic.

It is nor even an ad to conjure up more business, it is just an empty message.

“We support our troops wherever we go. No aid or comfort to the enemy – NO WAY!”

For God’s sake, is that what Jesus would do?

It is not even a rallying cry

It is a cry of desperation

To feel significant of being

Able to conquer bogeyman

Conjured up by invisible power

Through manufactured consent

To keep all too many distracted

From their own divinity by

Projecting projections onto

Fellow divine space travelers

As somehow being an enemy

It is without logic and reason

And various core religious beliefs

Save their wackadoodle fringe

Making their own interpretation

Who likes to think “their” God

Has a bigger dick than other God’s

If X really supported troops. I mean really supported troops, they would do everything to keep individuals from becoming a “troop” in the first place. By recognizing that we are all borne out of Gaia consciousness with no meaningful separation of our fellow space travelers. None that I’ve ever found.

Instead of maintaining an environment of toxicity. That it is just a ruse for commerce, stealing otherwise shareable resources.
Under the guise of greed pig capitalism.

Sold to this country’s crass consumers of crude as democracy. Which on the down low and the wink-wink is better known as..Want lower fuel prices, all power has to do is to convince some, it’s okay to kill your siblings.

Speaking of which, aren’t we due for another major war soon? It has been almost twenty years, since our last focused distraction.

As long as I’m editorializing on roving roadway reading material, read recently off of a red rusted rideable wreck.

Read the following.

Don’t believe fake news.

Hmmm,  really “fake” news. It is almost all fake. It is presented in an entertainment forum, why do you think most programs are called “shows”?


“to present as a public spectacle: perform.”

The key words on that bumper sticker are believe and fake. Regardless the topic or action, if one doesn’t believe in it, or rejects it because it is personally unliked then it is “fake”.

Well who is going to be the arbiter of whatever is real or fake. Some dude with a red hat and red tie, that could be Santa Claus and we all know how real he is.

What one must try to comprehend is that beliefs are just ideas indoctrinated over time under the constant torturous drip of information into plausible perceptions that something tangible exists as “true”, when nothing could be further from the truth.

But that is how the human mind operates, when nothing is questioned to assess individually what is real, against what is believed.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

“At least while I’m driving”

– Angelo Devlin

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