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The BIG Picture

January 1, 2022

No matter how big one
Ego/narcissisticly thinks
They see the “BIG” picture
There will always be a
Bigger picture they can’t see

Besides how much can be
Seen with just two eyes
Or sensed with the third eye
Imagine from any distance
How big the picture is while
Keeping an eye on yourself

Think of how small a gnat is
To how tall you are
To how high a tree is
Growing on a mountain top
That you won’t see the top of
Because it is so big

Let us not stop there
Keep going up or out
Depending on perception
Squeezing through satellites
That mountain is now as big
As the gnat you pictured

Further out you see earth
In relationship to what we
Egotistically call “our” sun
Now a small dot amongst
Nine various sized dots

Up out and away you see
Other stars holding together
Their own planets in orbits
While being part of an even
Larger band of stars surrounding
A black hole in the center
Of the  Milky Way galaxy

Fascinated or scared
Matters not for in outer space
No one can hear you scream
Not only that it is fatally cold
Though you are reading this
Somewhere much warmer

Not done yet you now see
The Milky Way as a bright dot
Like once you saw our “sun”
Then other bright dots
Scattered around the cosmos
For no apparent reason or rhyme

Not even approaching the
Fathom-ability that there are
Other bipedal lifeforms
Contemplating similar scenarios
Because they are too busy
Trying to see their big picture

It is only after cycling through
That expansion exercise
Will you discover how
Important the little picture is

The one that is right in front
Of you to realize that the
Little picture is the big picture
Making the significance
In our insignificance

Meanwhile, we might all just
Be dancing on the head of a pin
Alas though, from a subjective
Perspective we can’t see that

For if my understanding is understood
The same view can be seen
Through a microscope whereas
Instead of planets and stars
Whizzing around the same is true
For quarks neutrinos and
Other subatomic particles

Just depends on how it is observed

Keep an eye on the “BIG” picture

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

From → Paradox, random

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