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I’ll Know God

January 4, 2022

When I understand

The language of the soul

(I’m guessing it is not English)

The numbers of the spirits

That move through me

Surround me and

Help me keep balance

Ever on the cusp

Between life and death

Of which there is

Neither of either

Only this moment

Experienced through a

Kaleidoscope of distraction

Must need focus on

Every ray of light

That makes it through

Not hold on to it though

Just experience it

Then let it go

Otherwise a shadow

Remains to be cast

By a temporal body

Holding on to nothing

Until that awareness

Takes place

The projection

Of an invisible man

Floating aimlessly

In the sky adjacent

Like a spirit less big brother

Is just one more

Man-made up distraction

Completely w/o merit

As a heavily lopsided

Reality shaking

Patriarchal energy

That knows not

Empathy or nurturing

Never creation

Only destruction

“All I want to do is learn to think like God. All the rest is just details.”

— Albert Einstein

The first step might

Be knowing where

These words come from

Save a force that uses

My fingers to write them

So I may read them

To help me understand

Or perhaps from……….

“Living on a razor’s edge.
Balancing on a ledge.
Living on a razor’s edge on…
Balancing on a ledge on…
Balancing on a ledge on…
Living on a razor’s edge.
Balancing on a ledge you know … you know !!

The evil that men do lives on and on !….”

Iron Maiden

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

“Lift me up out of this illusion lord

Heal my perception, that I may

Know only reality and only you”

– Bill Hicks

“Lift me Lord”

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  1. Beautiful lines! Especially the last “Lift me up out of this illusion God! Well shared! Thanks 💓🎉🤗

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