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January 14, 2022

Light casts shadows


My shadow

Casts shadows

Increasing the darkness

All around me

HF it is dark

Where I am at

No matter where I go

How do I become


Without disappearing

To transform

Into a warm ray of light

So luminescent

There is no shadow

Not a rhetorical question

By the way

I am searching for answers

They just happen to be

In the dark

Turns out there is a parable
For this dilemma better known
As the “Streetlight Effect”

A parable featuring the Seljuk Sufi mystic Nasrudin Hodja may be the earliest form of the story:

‘Someone saw Nasrudin searching for something on the ground.

“What have you lost, Mulla?” he asked.

“My key,” said the Mulla.

So they both went down on their knees and looked for it.

After a time the other man asked:

“Where exactly did you drop it?”

“In my own house.”

“Then why are you looking here?”

“There is more light here than inside my own house.”‘

Guess I better keep
Searching in the dark
Where the key is

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

“And a lot more light”

– Angelo Devlin

“Breathe deep the gathering gloom
Watch lights fade from every room
Bedsitter people look back and lament
Another day’s useless energy is spent”

From “Late Lament”

Moody Blues

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    You are light itself, providing the searchlight for us all

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