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Whether Forecast

February 4, 2022

Not a spelling error or typo

Merely a play on words….well sorta

This may be difficult to explain
Knowing my innate inability to
Communicate with the world

Been finding myself in situations where
My prevalent motif is / has been anger

Frustrated by my surroundings of what
Appears to be general incompetence
(Not that I am very competent myself,
Which is more accurately the real problem)

A word trigger is popping in my head
To snap me out of it…… sometimes

The word is


: a surrounding influence or environment

Instantly taking me out of my
Ego driven narcissism race car

Become aware of the pit crew around me
(As long as I’m using the race car analogy)

People waiting anxiously for something
Usually at a “convenience” store where many
Have long been trying to alter the meaning
Including the etymology of “convenience”

To something that means an opportunity to
Drone on about previous and future weekends
As a social obligation to exchange niceties
Regardless of the growing line of people
Who stopped by for something convenient


Even before the pandemic it was bad
Let alone speaking between two masks
While trying to sidestep swinging plexiglass
Because you can’t hear or even read lips

This is where the word atmosphere steps in

Easing the frustration by becoming aware
Of what is happening all around and the
Pressure that can either build or dissipate
Barometric as it were, to use weather words
Also, taking the temperature of the room

Is it jovial and cheerful or PF exhausted
Lately it has been plum #ucking exhausted

Either way my atmosphere seems to change
After all, where do I have to be… so important

That I am not already molecularly already
Just need to get my head out of the clouds

Besides the word atmosphere
Circumstantially presenting itself
I can draw it up on my own to be aware
Of my surroundings and circumstances

Now if I were only one of those
Self-help gurus I could write a book around
The word atmosphere
Record a companion audio lecture
Go on tour collecting millions
By facing my own demons
Thereby helping others
Why else would they be called

Self-Help gurus

But instead I am giving it away
In this short blog blurb
Because if it is anything like the weather

Give it five minutes and it will change

As to whether or not I can utilize the word
Atmosphere to dissipate my useless anger

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