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Foggy Rainbow

February 3, 2022








Shines brighter

Nary a water

Droplet in sight

Too f’n cold

Minus ten below

Born instead of

Frozen crystals

Holding me

Securely in its

Spectral prism

Gladly trading

Pots of gold for

Its visual splendor


Where this should have stopped
So turn away now….while you can

Even though it was morning
It never “dawned” on me before
It was almost too late that I could
Pull over and take a picture so the
Above barely captures the essence

Here is some useless behind the scene
Glimpses to show mostly me that posts
Like this don’t always just splay on the page
As a random mixture of letters and words
That emit unconsciously from my fingertips

Spectral prism started out as colorful prism

Hmmm, okay but too simple

I know…. try spectrum
Yeah that ties in with prism
Makes me think of the Pink Floyd album
“Dark Side Of The Moon”

Not quite flowing yet
Spectral enters my head
Better check to see
If that is a defined word

Yup, cool even better

Means both ghostly and made by a spectrum

Just what I was looking for
Besides appreciating the Foggy Rainbow

Now, will my tiny but encouraging audience
Get the prism play on words as prison
Of course they will and thank you for reading

So the line

‘Stead of my

Gray mind prison

After Spectral prism

Was removed

Besides it darkened a bright poem

Then…..some Doors lyrics surfaced
In my head

Da da da…mmmm

Let me sleep all night in your soul kitchen
Womenen of mine, something something

Better look it up.

“Let me sleep all night
In your soul kitchen
Warm my mind near
Your gentle stove”

– The Doors

Where to though?????

Under Spectral prism

That did not seem to fit either
So I dropped it down here
Will use it somewhere else
Oh wait…….. I just did / will


“Warm my mind near
Your gentle stove”

That is as brilliant as the light
Shining through the
Foggy Rainbow

“Just an observation.
Which needed no glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

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