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April 29, 2022

“I made TWO versions, two versions two versions..”

Luther Cambell


: a form or variant of a type or original


In rare and random biblical references
Seeking to perceive truths through
“Holy” book passages and parables

Usually from ones plastered on billboards
Informing me I will find salvation and truth
And everlasting something or other……

(Methinks since the message is on a billboard
Someone is trying to sell salvation. Hmmmm)

“They’re selling Jesus again
They’re selling Jesus again
They want your soul and your
Money, blood and your bones
They’re selling Jesus again
Selling love to you – selling love”

“Selling Jesus’

– Skunk Anansie

If you read this Mathew such-and-such
Or John so-and-so you will know God’s truth

WOW that would be spectacular….except

The passage via a short verse and
Eye catching picture to distract drivers
Is referenced to a specific “Brand” of bible
One, that has a “V” in it…….. K J V or N I V

King James “Version” or New Int’l “Version”
Well isn’t that just dandy……God’s Word
Altered by a dead monarch or large group
Holding or having zero accountability

In other “words” …..God’s Words
Let me repeat that…… God’s Words….

Need some man made mansplaining
Interpretation, deciphering, presentation
Distorting and recontextualizing

“God can magically inscribe stone tablets
Needs man to write write the Bible”

– FB meme

WTF! What that tells me, is the ego of man
Somehow supercedes the Sanctity of God
That their* beloved alleged creation is to
Stupid to understand that God is the Word

“In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

John 1:1 

So far the only verse that resonates a “truth”

* A true APAKALOBCOL (All Powerful All Knowing All Loving Omniscient Being Creator Of Life)

Would be equally distributed between
Gender archetypes for pure balance
Likewise encompassing all that is……
Life and death, up and down, good and evil

My perception then, is such that God’s words
Are “written” on each individual’s hearts of
Their respective being’s spark of the divine

Where language needs no interpretation
Only quiet meditations of deep breathing
To hone in on the unchanging divine message

Connected to a soul regardless the language
Skin color, geographical location or gender

Any word you utter
Any sentence you read
Any thought you think

Are created by you
The creator and are all
The word/s of God

WORD is neither
Feminine or masculine
Neither is thee God Force

Now the following version
Might be something I could understand
To actually discover the truth of the divine

Plus save millions of trees & digital storage
On the constant generational revisions to
Appease the latest lame mass or monarchy

“Breath deep, focus on your heart Chakra
The very center of your being’s being-ness
Know that you are you and the cosmos

Simultaneously one with the infinite
And as unique as an individual flame
To an incomprehensible universal fire”

– God

Hell, you might as well make-up your
Own version like I just did

But then, there would be…..
No version to “sell” or
Teacher to manipulate or
Beginning to understand or
Armageddon to ponder etc.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

“Or new versions
Of the old glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

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