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Who Knew

June 6, 2022

Society could take these
Fully formed fetuses
Little bundles of joy
Precious gifts from God

And turn them in to what
They are known for today

Which is…….

Prey for America

Mini moving targets for
Brass, black powder & lead
Out of loose cannons with
Simply too much access
No training, testing, licensing
Registration or responsibility

You know, when grandpa’s heart condition is bad and his milky glaucoma eye gets worse, the state revokes his driver’s license. Doesn’t take his car away, but won’t let him drive it. Because……..he might kill someone with it.

Perhaps the same logic could apply to small, but deadly weapons of mass destruction. (While technically they do not destroy mass), they create devastating holes, ruining essential organs, creating leaks for life giving blood to be drawn by gravity out of bodies.

In a previous post, Billy Bob,
Outhinking myself, makes the point:

“Is it cynical to imagine that if some unloved dude gunned down a gaggle of rich men then somehow the gun law would change?

But they’d never be the targets, would they?”

– Billy Bob

No, of course not. Why??

Guns are banned during Trump’s upcoming speech at the NRA conference



If a society indoctrinatedly convinced that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.

(Especially at a National Rifle Association conference), you would think all of the “good guys”, would not be in harm’s way.

Lest of course, then everyone could “see” each other’s “guns”. Which might feel or seem inadequate, too small or really big, but no bullets.

Nevermind, ’tis much safer there to keep those guns home, so like the big fish, that got away, everyone can bullshit each other how big their’s is.

“This whole country has a manhood problem, biiiiiig manhood problem in the USA.

You can tell from the language we use; language always gives you away. What did we do wrong in Vietnam? We pulled out! Huh?

Not a very manly thing to do is it? When you’re fucking people, you gotta stay in there and fuck them good! Fuck ‘em all the way! Fuck ‘em ‘til the end! Fuck ‘em to death! Fuck ‘em to death! Fuck ‘em to death! Stay in there and keep fucking them until they’re all dead!”

Which is a strange bloodied hands off approach of taking care of fully formed out of the womb adolescents being trained as robots of consumption.

Living in fear and learning a different kind of gazintas. Instead of two gazinta ten, five times.

When the bullet gazinta your head ……you die.

Well, now we know.

Just not enough to do anything about it.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

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