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Poor Judgment

August 8, 2022

From the highway on demand reading library mobile message machines. I kid you not, someone rigged up a four foot by four foot painted piece of plywood to the back of the car, obstructing their rear view. (How ironic.) So they could not see, what they themselves have left behind them. Hmmmm.

Must be because of all this climate change (global warming) that it is just too hot outside to walk around covered by a sandwich board that reads “The End Is Near”. Best to expedite that, by driving around in an air-conditioned car. Plus, more people will read it.

Anyway, here is what it read. In big bold giant eye catching, traffic stopping lettering. “ARE YOU PREPARED FOR JUDGEMENT DAY?? JESUS DIED FOR YOUR SINS!! Hebrews 9:27”

“27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:” – KJV

“Spooky language. Spooky language designed to scare and control primitive people. In no way does superstitious mumbo jumbo like this apply to the lives of intelligent, civilized human in the twenty-first century.”

– George Carlin

“I don’t even understand the connection with ‘died for your sins’. He died for your sins, well, how does one affect the other? ‘I hit myself in the foot with a shovel for your mortgage…”

“Why would you die for someone’s sins? Your sins are the only thing interesting about you, you dreary, bleak motherfuckers.”

Doug Stanhope

But somehow the onus is put on the reader, that it is now, somehow their responsibility to assumably change their ways, so that the purveyor of that message will feel, like they’ve accomplished something, when nothing could be further from the truth. Without any regards or awareness of their own traits and behaviors that they will allegedly be judged.

Besides, the truth of Judgement days and days of judgement have come and gone for thousands of years. So any particular day approaching, seems sort of vague and misconstrued. Depending on who it may serve at the time. Apparently that driver.

“I’m an atheist*, but, not very strong in my faith. Catch myself praying in tight spots.

Whenever you mention to someone that you are an atheist, this is the usual response you get, and it sounds silly to me, but it doesn’t, to the people who say it.

“Great, oh, you’re an atheist, oh that’s risky, ooh that’s risky…risky. Wouldn’t you be better off, if you just threw in with everybody else, I mean, what if you’re wrong, man? What if you’re wrong and you end up, going to HELL? ‘Cause you…. didn’t believe in Jesus? Huh?

……….Uh, here’s how worried I am about that.

What if I said to you, that you were going to go to hell, if you didn’t believe in Frosty The Snowman….. No, if you don’t worship Frosty The Snowman every Sunday, as your personal savior, you’ll be sent to an eternity in hell, fire damnation……..Worried yet?

Of course you’re not worried, because that’s silly right? Silly. But what if everyone else believed it? What if everyone else believed that Frosty The Snowman……was God? And you…….., you were the only one who knew, Frosty The Snowman, was just a story.

About a guy who magically came to life one day, spread alot of joy and love around for a while and then was gone. But, before he left, promised he’d be back again some day.”


– Brett Erickson

I am far from a biblical aficionado, however am aware of no stories where the late JC made many personal judgments.

He seemed to be more of a laid back live and let live kind of guy / Ascended Master. Even in the case of Judas.

“Jesus should have beat the shit out of Judas. Just grab him by the beard and beat the shit out of him, right in front of the other Apostles. Make an example out of him. You f*cking squealing prick, Judas”

– George Carlin

Why, if Jesus left Judas alone, would anyone think Jesus is coming back to judge eight billion people???

He’d be too busy re-teaching how to forgive while making sure all were fed, housed and healed.

That is the Jesus I understand, but perhaps with my reading and comprehensive skills…

I have poor judgment.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

Didn’t need any to read that sign though.

(Me, I am not an atheist, just am not one who believes in an invisible sadistic masochist, living in the sky.)(I believe in the WORD, all words, because nothing exists w/o words.)

“In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

John 1:1 

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