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October 13, 2022

A sign of intelligence

Is a sign of no signs

No cryptic catchphrases

No malignant messages

No simple slogans

No deity declarations

No vinyl vehicle verses

No behemoth billboards

No skeletal skin canvas corruptions

All disintegrating cosmologically

In a moment or two

Nope, in a moment

Much like posts on this blog

A diary of detachment

Deciphering dichotomies

Described in detail

To myself or passers-by

Who choose to read by

Their own limited freewill

Of which I am grateful

Amazed and amused

Having read anything

Would return to again read

The contents of my cranium

Which is a lot like

Emptying a junk drawer

Over and over in a search

For a sign of intelligence

Not today, not today


That’s a signpost up ahead

You are exiting the twilight zone.

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