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All The Coffee

October 14, 2022

In the world

Will not awaken

The woke

To wake up to

Their own foibles

Deeply roasted

With a frothy layer

Of pretentiousness

Nary enough cream

To reduce bitterness

Over their grande

Missed opportunities

Of participation

Over passé pointing

How the world

Could be if only

Other people

Changed “their” ways

To the ideal cup

They drink from

Sipping their lattes

Instead of gulping

Their guilt of being

The change

They want to experience

Of course all lives matter

From the cool comfy

Corner consciousness cafe

But what about Juan Valdez

Does his life matter

Slaving away in the

Columbian mountains

Hand picking coffee cherries

Who probably could not

Afford a mountain mocha

Let alone know what

One tastes like

But you can bet

He is wide awake

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

Or another cup of coffee

Me too constantly

Thinks of utopia

Which nearers itself

Each passing moment

With the realization that

“This is a perfect world
I’m riding on an incline
I’m staring in your face
You’ll photograph mine

And I’ve been walking, talking
Believing the things that are true
And I’ve been finding
The difference between right and wrong…good and bad

See me put things together
Put them back where they belong
Am I just like the others
Have I always been singing t
The same song

This is a perfect world
I’m riding on an incline
I’m staring in your face
You’ll photograph mine”

“Perfect World”

– Talking Heads


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