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North Less

October 19, 2022

There is no north.

At least not in the abstract

Which is like the realization

There is no reason for the

Alphabet to be in its contrived

“Alphabetical” order

Save the sing-song recitation

So Ingrained that if

You cannot say it automatically

You must be drunk…..

ABCD, EFG, H….I….mshd b drunque

(I need a blog post compass, so these things arrive, where they intended)

This goes as nowhere, as our trajectory through the cosmos, just goes and goes.
While we experience ourselves subjectively by looking into, at and onto the surrounding house of mirrors.

Besides, there is celestial north, magnetic north and map north.

But how, when the earth is spinning, whilst zipping through space. Orbiting around a local star in an eternal ethereal, can we possibly know, which direction is which?

This begs the question, how can one be free, if they are controlled by which way is up.

Knowing in twelve thousand years, (give or take) the star Polaris, (the “North” Star) will be replaced by the star Vega.


Time has a better arrow, even though it only lasts a moment, and unlike the planet’s axis “poles”, never reverse.

“Just follow your arrow
Wherever it points, yeah
Follow your arrow
Wherever it points”

– Kasey Musgrave


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  1. Your insights keep deepening. They’re so helpful. I like how a month or so ago, you had one called Point Less. The fractalian nature of your mind keeps revealing itself so that we can learn from it!

    This post is reminding me of how we have used our minds to organize “history” or our fables of reality in a timeline. We created computers with serial data because of how we conceive of entropy. Might quantum thinking shift all that? So that all points are revealed as a singular wholeness/nothingness? Unifying the opposites with no contradiction? That’s where I think you’re going.

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    • Way too kind, I had to look up fractal and quantum thinking. Fractal, maybe. QT? Not even sure where it came from. Save not knowing my velocity but maybe knowing my location or vice versa, never both. Certainly, doesn’t come from a schooled background. A quick search revealed the changing star thing. Not even sure if that is true, just read it, then referenced it. Seems possible. I either won’t be here, or be the space dust, that burns in the star Vega.

      Likewise, most of the above just flowed from fingertips, had to reread it to read what I wrote. Maybe, that “should” be my new tag line. “I write like no one is reading, including my self.” Hoping that quantum thinking kicks in soon and helps with grammar and punctuation.

      Thanks for reading.

      Angelo Devlin

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