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The Mountain Top

November 23, 2022

In a recent post was the following contemplation

“I am sure that somewhere on a cool dark mountaintop, there is a giant comfortable warm beanbag with my name on it.

Where I could engage in the dichotomous act of navel gazing and stargazing to contemplate infinity for infinity’s sake. Experience the pulse of the cosmos while breathing in the vacuum of space.”

Which does not necessarily fit in with my brain bumper sticker that reads “I am doing what I’d rather be doing.”

Kind of like “Do what you love, and the money will follow.” Both cosmically working out.

Therefore to satiate my narcissism and justify why I may not actually be on that mountaintop. Must consider that I might be there, having mastered the art of bilocation.

One, experiencing the pulse of the cosmos while breathing in the vacuum of space.

Two, projecting myself in this heliocentric hologram to have a subjective experience in order to make observations and share them with a small, but highly intelligent followers of this blog.

Let us see / hear, what it might sound like from the beanbag.

WOW AWESOME COOL (as if someone was around to hear)

Breathe in, Mmmm. Breathe out ahhhh.

Look at all those stars and planets, seemingly motionless, since most are moving at the same speed harmonious as one through the cosmos. With slight variations that unintentional collisions may occur following the universal constant that no two things can occupy the same place at the same time. What an out of this world light show.

Breathe in, Mmmm. Breathe out ahhhh.

Feeling the long slow rhythmic pulse. Like a faint clock tic toc on a nearby wall, undulating under the whooshing sounds of all the celestial bodies traveling through the cosmos.

Breathe in, Mmmm. Breathe out ahhhh.

Catching and sensing the constant solar explosions emanating life giving heat and light. In consistent intervals of dark and cool to stargaze, alternating with light and heat to engage in cloud busting.

Breathe in, Mmmm. Breathe out ahhhh.

Not sure who would want to read that everyday and stick around. Perhaps best, that observations continue to be made from behind the windshield sprinkling them with semi memorized comedian’s bits and song lyrics. That interject themselves into the cranium conversation going on inside my head as it all gets transcribed here.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

Certainly in this dense dimension I’ve castigated my other self to.


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