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The Notes Of A Song

December 12, 2022

Are arranged to capture
The listeners attention
Through pitches, tone
Scales, pauses, timing
Silences and solos
Formidable fortissimo
Crashing cymbals
Screaming guitars, tubas,
Timpanis and technology
Pleasant pianississimo
Flutes, clarinets, pianos
Triangles, chimes
Violins and whistling
How the instruments are
Played, can reverse that
Of being loud or soft
Depending on use

Words of a sentence
Are arranged to capture
The readers attention
(Usually to sell something
Religion, authority, control
Crap and consumables)
Also to convey ideas
Not previously considered

Capitalization, punctuation
Complexity, simplicity
Content, context, creativity
Crassness or consideration
Emotional expletives
Exaggerated euphemisms
Repeated rhetoric
Repeated rhetoric
Standout statements
Subtle persuasions
To strike a chord
So to speak

Intention, reception and interpretation are infinitely varied. So few people are listening to the same music or reading the same sentence, because each experience is subjective.

Essentially, society is in the evolutionary stage of cave paintings in our rudimentary ability to exact an idea, that someone can vaguely grasp, what the expresser meant.


It doesn’t mean there’s no god! This is where everybody gets crazy! It doesn’t mean everybody has an answer or that, you’re right!

No one says there’s no god! All I’m saying is maybe, God made a monkey which doesn’t like to think it is a monkey and lies a lot!

Doesn’t that make sense? That’s make ways more sense! That’s what we do!

We #ucking lie. You know why? Because we can’t read minds yet. That is the next stage of human evolution for sure. //

We’re slowly learning how to read each other’s minds, and when we do, liars are going to be #ucked. Religion is going to go out of business.”

– Joe Rogan

The notion that any form of communication can communicate at all, is in and of itself miraculous. Thankfully I am very aware how many deaf ears and turned blind eyes this will fall upon.

Essentially writing this for myself, that I too might grasp comprehension of stuff not yet understood.

“I’m one of those people who doesn’t really know what he thinks until he writes it down. “

Jake Epping AKA George Amberson

From Stephen King’s “11/22/63”


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