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Even Less Qualified

January 17, 2023

A follow-up to

No One Is Qualified

Though egos will never

Consider otherwise

To think that one man

Can not solve any problem

(Sorry ladies, you’ll get your chance

When hu”man”ity evoles)

Through we need you now

More than ever before

“The only person who can solve our problems is God, and She isn’t running this year “


The way things are going

The only way a “female” * will get into office

Is if a man transgenders to get there


* Would have used the term Broad

With no sexist intent

But rather to eliminate the

Gileadian language “of-men” ownership

Fe-male, wo-man and s-he all because

A bipedal earthling artist has a vagina

Who is linguistically not he-r own person

Shackled to words as a whole

Society is afraid to change

Because it has always been that way

Now, back to my previously scheduled rant

The office of President

Is arrogant by design

Just by the trappings of power alone

With that “Father Knows Best” complacency

Indoctrinated in society of

Someone who has never

Gotten their hands dirty

Fixing anything

Is somehow now expected

To rebuild an engine that has

Never run in the first place

Take immigration for example

This country was “built” by immigrants

After stealing it from its indigenous people

Now….someone decides to close the door


It is not done being built yet

Look around there is lots of work to do

Roads, bridges, high speed rail

Houses to house the homeless,

Harvest food to feed the starving, etc.

You know, stuff…..Jesus would do

That those here do not want to do

Because complaining and pointing fingers

Is an unpaid job too many people hold

People ought be thrilled that

America is still a country worth coming to

Because if it wasn’t

Things would be really bad

It is still not a problem

Any one person can solve

Here’s a metaphorical stretch

So put your thinking caps on

Immigration could be like

The oxygen mask on an airplane

That appears due to turbulence

Where people are advised

To put on their mask first

(Utilize the immigrants who are here)

Breath…fix the immediate problem

Then when the mask (society’s problems)

Are fixed here, we can safely assist

The immigrants put on their mask

Fix the problems of why they left

Their country in the first place

Which would be about the time

We would realize

Society would not want them to leave

We are all on this airplane together

Flying through the cosmos

And if we don’t take care

Of all the passengers

Regardless who is the captain

(Though it seems to be on autopilot)

We are all going to crash

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin


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