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The Rules And Parameters

January 30, 2023

Of our collective consciousness

Are made up as we go along with

The rules and parameters of our

Subjective unconsciousness

There is no “morality”

Only herd / heard of morality

Still, within the human herd

It is subjective and malleable

To individual whims and wishes

It is “wrong” to kill a “human” being

If it is swimming in a placenta pool

Though no soul may be in the vehicle

(There may be an engine, but no driver)*

Once it gets out of the celestial room

On to this dense dense dimension

Not nearly old enough to drink

Yet always old enough to die

Waving a flag defending some ism

Its corporate masters find them

To be acceptable fodder moving targets

Plenty expendable for their bottom line

“Conservatives want live babies, so they can raise them to be dead soldiers.”

– George Carlin

The talking heads will close out

A sad segment of the latest

If it bleeds it leads story of school and

Other mass shootings with a call or

Shout out of thoughts and prayers

To the victims families….how nice

(Heaven forbid(s) rational gun control)

(Must be a shortage of harp players)

Yet in a subsequent segment

Will praise the policymakers

For sending guns, bombs and tanks

You know…. bigger devices

Paid for with public funds (taxes)

That kill more humans more quickly

Against some adversary, once an ally

Of humans long out of the pool

Thoughts and prayers for one side

But not the other side I suppose

Because……..f#@% them I guess

Not exactly what…….Jesus would do

“I don’t care how many push-ups you can do, put on a helmet, go wait in that fox hole. We’ll tell you when we need you to kill somebody.”

– Bill Hicks

All because Oceania is at war with

Eastasia…..or was it Eurasia

Sometimes it is hard to tell since

Our faux big brother wraps up a

Different two minutes hate then

Our littler (ratings) brother does

With a kinder more opaque way

To justify the casual corporate killing

Keep this in mind when the

Infiltration of your media mind

Turns into indoctrination of

The rules and parameters to

Which one unwittingly abides

“I write to exculpate the darkness so
That someday light may shine through”

– Angelo Devlin

“All we are saying is give peace a chance”

– John Lennon

According to Helen Wambach’s hypnotic research experiment “Life Before Life” that not only do you pick “your” parents.

You decide when you get in the car…..before you leave the garage. (My words, not hers, but egotistically, a damn good analogy.)

Engine = heartbeat

Driver = soul

Vehicle / car = fetus

Placenta pool = womb

Let’s see, what else did I squeeze in there.

Oh yeah

Celestial room = heaven

Garage = vagina

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