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The New War

May 4, 2023

Is fear

Like all wars

It is an unwinnable war

Yet, it is being waged

By the haves

So they can have more

Playing against the

Proletariat using only

Their reptilian brain

Into survival reacting

Instead of using our

Human neocortex brain

Over the primate brain

Under our divine consciousness

Recognizing the

Subtleties of suggestion

That danger is

Around the corner

Which is as substantial as

The bogeyman

Is under the bed

Unfortunately it works

The sky is falling

Banks are failing

The debt ceiling

Must be raised

(When money doesn’t exist

In the first place)

Your guns “might” be taken


“You” will be replaced

Eastasia is going

To attack Oceania

…..must needs prepare

Which means nothing

Other than consume

More consumables

While one can

When everyone can

As often as they can

Kind of a reverse

Perverse Pascal wager

Believing in God

That will provide

No matter what

But……..just in case

Buy something now

To satiate serotonin

Because it is so


Structuring socioeconomic conditions

Into layers of redundancies so that

Everyone is so busy “working” that

All are outsourcing each other to

Get what they didn’t need

In the first place at great expense

Financial, emotional, spiritual and

The most finite of costs……..time

Gone are the moments

One will never ever get back

Because of the indoctrination

You by yourself are not enough

Unless you buy lots of stuff

As if by rote

Keeping the economy afloat

“Another Prophet of Disaster
Who says the ship is lost
Another Prophet of Disaster
Leaving you to count the cost
Taunting us with Visions
Afflicting us with fear
Predicting War for millions
In the hope that one appears
No point asking when it is
No point asking who’s to go
No point asking what’s the game
No point asking who’s to blame
If you’re gonna die, die with your boots on
If you’re gonna try, well stick around
Gonna cry, just move along
If you’re gonna die, you’re gonna die


From Die With Your Boots On

– Iron Maiden

“I write to expunge the darkness so
That someday light may shine through”

– Angelo Devlin

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