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Balancing The Budget

May 22, 2023

Of a fiat currency

That doesn’t exist

In the first place

Is like clapping

With one hand

To revive Tinker Bell

It’s all make believe

Save for the central

Bankers making up the

Numbers from thin air

The help people

Social programs

Will be cut to the quick

But none from the

Bloated budget of the

Trillion dollar Military

Industrial complex

Whose only purpose

Is the wholesale destruction

Of people and infrastructures

Leaving behind widows

Orphans and amputees

Hasn’t humanity

Evolved past that

Kill or be killed notion

Because they wave

A different flag

Speak another language

Have darker skin or are

Residing above a resource

Meanwhile the fear is real

Engaged in by the Proletariat

To buy now while they can

Which in turn then props up

The economy that is constantly

Teetering on collapse on its own

Therefore, allegedly balancing the budget

Is designed to “balance the budget”

Because now there is more

Invisible money to bring it balanced

Wouldn’t want to make sure everyone

Is housed and fed…

“That might be something Jesus would do.”

– George Carlin

Nah, we’ll let Jesus do that when he returns……..

We are too busy, distracted by our own distractions.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin


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