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Accident of birth

December 7, 2015

From the single cell amoeba,  right out of the primordial ooze, to the crippled body, mind genius of Stephen Hawking,  or better yet,  the enlightening and philosophical comedic wizardry of George Carlin and Bill Hicks,  that is still all it is…an accident of birth.

Intelligent design would minimally suggest that the designed would have intelligence. Take a look around folks. I know I am still searching for my intelligence. When I find it, I’ll let you know.  Meanwhile, what little I have, is taking shape in the form of these blog postings.

It seems to be more likely something closer to the Darwinian model of reactionary and adaptive design.

To my best awareness,  that is all I’ve ever done is react. Right out of the womb,  “holy shit, it is bright and cold out here. Hey, what did you strike me for?   I was going to cry, just cause it it is so bright, loud and sterile. …. Hope you don’t keep that up.

Ok, sterile I get, perhaps.  Are you realiy going to spend the next sixteen or so years trying to sterilize my mind and surroundings? To the point of not having much capacity to feel and understand what emotions are, and interact with other humans.


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