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More words, please.

March 12, 2016

Oddly enough, I need more words so I can use less of them.

Right off the bat.

E.g.   I read a book.

Simple clear,  communicates a message.  Four syllables,  flows easily off the tonge.

However,  if you listen to an audio book, I heard a book, doesn’t convey the same message.

For one, it’s no longer a book, but a recording. Certainly, I heard an audio,  doesn’t work either.

I listened to a book,  kind of works, yet suggests one might have special powers, by merely holding a book up to your ear, that you could magically glean the contents to the brain, via an intuitive transfer system.

Who knows?  Maybe I’m just “reading” to much into it.

I’m just fishing for words to best concisely communicate,  not only here, but other posts to convey the desired outcome.

See, this whole post is riddled with inaccuracies,  confusing words and phrases.

Right of the bat? No one is playing baseball here.

E,g. How and why do we accept that means “for example” (yes, I understand it is Latin for exampli gratia.)

Out of all the words that could be abbreviated,  “for” definitely does not need it., “example” is not really in the running either. F.e. should work for that, no?

Fishing? Have no pole, nor am I any where near water. If I start doing that I’ll never figure out the “right” words for these posts.

These are the kind of thoughts that keep me Looking at the World Through a Windshield instead of with my feet up on the desk and being happily published with some kind of substantive content that would make people want to buy a book in the first place.

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