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Part 2 of More Words Please

March 14, 2016

Kind of like needing new words for Sunrise and Sunset.  I’m sure we could come up with something equally as romantic or inspirational. Just have to put our “thinking” caps on.

Sunrise and Sunset worked, when the only world our species understood was from a Geocentric perspective.  Our awareness has since changed to a Heliocentric perspective.  Who knows what or where our awareness will be when we get to an intergalactic black hole perspective.

Sunrise and Sunset are deeply imbeded memes, that seem to keep us stuck, because the language and word definitions haven’t caught up to our awareness.

Ever notice that the moon rises, but never sets, it just …….disappears.

Yet, describing the way the planet, is floating around the galaxy around the sun, while spinning on a tilted axis is a log winded way of describing something that doesn’t even come close to the simplicity of a sunrise.

Simply more non provable facts to highlight that just because a belief is widely held, doesn’t mean it is true.

So what’s the point exactly?
Exactly, there is no point.

I am still trying to figure out what compels me to take these thoughts out of my head and put them on this screen.

Amusement,  boredom, a higher purpose,  no purpose?  I’m simply not sure.  Profit,  Fame, notoriety, maybe so I simply understand myself better.

Ironically, the more I write, the more I’m confused, must keep writing though, like building something without any plans, eventually it gets done.

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