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Football: Another “D” Word

March 16, 2016


On one hand I don’t watch it because I don’t understand it.  On the other hand,  primarily because it is an archetype distraction of the most effective nature to keep people unaware, as earthlings infrastructure is collapsing. Drink much “tap” water lately?

From the conversations I hear,  some people know more about “their” team, and the stats, players, coaches, rules, scores, trades, missed plays, great catches, or runs,  than their children’s teachers, classroom assignments,  friends, friends parents, how much tv they watch,  how long they’re “glued” to a screen.

Since mommy and mostly daddy are more focused on the distraction, it keeps children uneducated and poorly skilled at thinking, to know only what the “state” deems it absolutely necessary to know.

Plus, reports of domestic abuse go up after games,  just from that perspective, why would you participate or engage in something that leads into violence towards mostly women?

If you ever hear two or more conversing it sounds like a dueling banjo verbal jackoff.

Da da dada, da da da, da da.

Well,  if “your” quarterback caught the ball.

De da, de da de da de da de.

Man, the field was wide open.

Da da dada, da da da, da da.

That ump ‘ s call was way wrong

De da, de da de da de da de.

Not after the instant replay

Da da dada, da da da, da da.

Your team sucks

De da, de da de da de da de.

Your team sucks more

Get the picture?

Here are some alternatives though.

Quadruple the field and have 4 games playing at once.  See if the players could play while all the whistles are being blown on the other three fields, plus being aware of the other players and footballs inadvertently making it onto their field of play.

Might as well,  it’s everyone’s tax dollars that subsidize these profitable corporations, stadiums and branding, behind the “pretty” contrasting “colors” that make up people’s “teams”.

Another thing to try would be to roll dice for beginning score. 0 – 0 is way too easy a set-up to predict the outcome. At least for the odds makers.

A 9 – 4 beginning though, or a 12 – 1, would really stir it up. One team with 9 might start off too relaxed, the other might give it their all, just to catch up.

Then it would at least be interesting beyond the “ground” acquisition game being played now,  to make it more interesting physically and psychologically.

As long as we’re distracted,  let’s take it to interesting extremes, otherwise we’d have to work at becoming a more conscious species by being enlightened and actually spend time fixing the things we say are broken.

Ahhhh,  fuck it,  I’ll try to evolve later, after the game. …. perhaps the next one. …., maybe the next one…..

Besides,  evolution will be exponentially greater, once we’re in survival mode and there are fewer people here because the majority will have been toxified out of existence. . Which has nothing to do with football,  but it rolled out of my head,  so I left it here.

Simply because the frog stew we’re immersed in is warm and comfy,…….for now…..

Water, women, banjos, fields. scores., frogs?  It must be me, that’s too easily “distracted” hmmmm? Should have been watching a football game to stay focused.

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